Uncle From Another World Anime Returning From Hiatus

The popular isekai anime Uncle From Another World is returning from hiatus with brand-new episodes scheduled to air starting in November.

Netflix’s isekai comedy series Uncle From Another World will soon return from its hiatus.

As detailed in a report from J-List Blog, production for the popular anime was delayed due to the worldwide coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. However, the anime’s staff has confirmed the series will begin airing on Nov. 24 in Japan. Leading up to the premiere of Episode 8, the series’ previous seven episodes will be rebroadcast in the country starting on Oct. 6. COVID-19 also interfered with the premiere of Episode 5, which suffered a two-week delay from its scheduled Aug. 3 release date after the anime’s production staff tested positive for COVID-19.

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Uncle From Another World was originally a manga created by Hotondoshindeiru that began serialization on Kadokawa’s ComicWalker website in June 2018. The series revolves around the uncle of a boy named Takafumi Takaoka. After being hit by a truck, Takafumi’s uncle winds up comatose for 17 years. However, he awakens one day claiming that he was transported to another world and served it as a heroic guardian. After discovering his uncle’s story is true, Takafumi tries to adjust to his life with his uncle, who frequently uses his magical powers while trying to reintegrate into modern society.

The series is being produced by Studio Atelier Pontdarc, a relatively new animation studio that was founded in 2020. Shigeki Kawai, who is known for his work on the Naruto franchise, is directing the series. Kenta Ihara (Vinland Saga) is in charge of both the script and Series Composition. Yoshito Takamine is the series’ Art Director, while Kazuhiro Ota is designing the characters. Kenichiro Suehiro is creating the music.

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Several well-known voice actors are lending their voices to the series’ main characters. Jun Fukuyama (Seven Deadly Sins, Code Geass) is playing Takafumi Takaoka. Takehito Koyasu, who stars as Shinsuke Takasugi in Gintama, is playing Uncle, or “Ojisan.” Mikako Komatsu (Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story) is playing the role of Sumika Fujimiya, Takafumi’s childhood friend and not-so-secret admirer. Mabel Rayveil, another guardian from the world Ojisan was transported to, is played by Aoi Yuki (Seven Deadly Sins, My Hero Academia.)

Uncle From Another World is available to viewers outside of Japan via Netflix. The manga is available in English from Yen Press.

Source: J-List Blog

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