The 10 Worst Anime Villains Who Could Exist In Real Life

Typically, anime villains are enjoyed for their theatrical powers, overly malevolent objectives, and dastardly monologues, especially in popular shonen anime and manga. It helps to distinguish them as fictional entities, rather than ones that audiences are forced to deal with on an unfortunately consistent basis in their own lives.

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However, there are a number of anime antagonists whose

modus operandi and skill sets are so down-to-earth that they could reasonably exist in the real world. Their practical applications of evil distinguish the fantastical villains from those who might be lurking just a block away.

10 Sugou Was An Evil Tech Mogul (Sword Art Online)

Sugou was an evil tech mogul who purchased the digital blueprints for Aincrad after it got shut down. It allowed him to create an entirely new game called Alfheim Online using the same engine and continuing the Sword Art Online story.

Despite Sugou’s harmless and meek appearance, he is one of the most despicable people in anime history. He exploited Asuna’s coma and did atrocious things to her from within the cover of the digital world. Worse yet, he intended to use Alfheim to discreetly modify the brains of its players.

9 Tonpa Tried To Get Other Hunters Eliminated From Exams (Hunter X Hunter)

Although far from the strongest villain in Hunter X Hunter, Tonpa was more sly than many other antagonists. Somehow finding his way to numerous exams, he did not actually intend to pass any of them. Instead, his singular goal was to eliminate rookies to see the despair on their faces and for his own amusement.

There were many ways Tonpa would go about this. He would either convince them to drink a juice box full of laxatives or join their team, then deliberately sabotage their odds of winning.

8 Gato Was A Local Crimelord (Naruto)

Gato was one of the first Naruto villains to debut, representing the series’ criminal element. He paid Zabuza in order to sabotage the bridge and kill its construction workers. When that didn’t work, the man sent an army of mercenaries to finish the job.

What makes Gato so frightening is that despite the fact that he has no jutsu, he was willing to face off against Team Seven and one of the legendary ninja swordsmen. However, Gato’s overconfidence ultimately proved to be his undoing, and he died at the end of the arc.

7 Charloss Was A Corrupt Celestial Dragon (One Piece)

Charloss is commonly known as one of the most notorious villains in One Piece. Spoiled, obnoxious, and without any moral compass whatsoever, he treats anywhere he goes as his personal playground and uses the admirals to back him up when needed.

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What makes Charloss particularly infuriating is that despite seeing himself as a god, he’s weaker than the average person. The villain has no devil fruit, haki, or even basic training to defend himself with. He is so confident in his own privilege that he feels such precautions are unnecessary.

6 Willy Tybur Spoke Out Against Eldia (Attack On Titan)

Willy Tybur was perhaps the most realistic Attack On Titan villain for a number of reasons. For example, he did not rely on superpowers or inhuman speed in order to win fights. Instead, he was a politician that wooed audiences and convinced nations to fight in wars.

This made Willy much closer to modern influencers than typical anime antagonists. It also meant his inevitable demise, as villains without abilities had no chance of surviving Eren’s wrath. Willy may have proven his point about Paradis, though his warnings came too late.

5 Leaky-Eye Luca Was A Common Thug (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Leaky-Eye Luca was the least theatrical villain of the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure series. Although a loyal minion of Diavolo, he did not have a Stand or even Hamon to call upon. This made him the act’s most realistic character since he was essentially a thug with a shovel.

In spite of Luca’s lack of abilities, he played a major role in the story. Should Giorno not have killed him, he never would have met Bucciarati and begun his journey to become the next crime lord of Italy.

4 Amon Almost Never Used Bending (Legend Of Korra)

Amon led an anti-bending coalition in Legend Of Korra. Although his bloodbending might make him an unrealistic villain, he used it so infrequently that he could easily make do without it. With enough reflexes to dodge lightning, Amon’s peak physique allows him to remain a viable threat to Korra and her friends.

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He is especially realistic when considering the nature of his movement and their demands for “equality,” regardless of rational or otherwise they might seem. Ultimately, Amon is a result of what happens when there are two classes of people with unequal social opportunities.

3 Dorian Was A Veteran Fighter (Baki)

As a Baki villain, Dorian does not rely on any superpowers. Instead, he is solely dependent on the strength of his own body and his natural creativity. What makes Dorian formidable is that unlike other villains from his series, he does not get by using sheer brute force.

Instead, the man uses the environment to his advantage. Able to weaponize anything from alcohol to roller coasters, Dorian’s victory is assured any time he can set the conditions of a battle. He even massacred an entire mob determined to take his head.

2 General Magath Was A Brutal Military Leader (Attack On Titan)

After the massacre at Liberio, Magath was promoted to the position of general. Hardened through his experiences and jaded about the Eldians, Magath relied on his military knowledge and Warriors in order to dominate battlefields. What makes Magath realistic is that he is formidable even without titan shifters.

During a battle against a foreign nation, he agreed to have Gabi leap out from the trenches in order to take an enemy bunker. Correctly anticipating that his opponents would not shoot a child, Gabi’s explosives provided just what the Eldians needed to turn the tide of the battle.

1 Kyosuke Higuchi Was A Powerful Businessman (Death Note)

The Yotsuba group was a coalition of powerful businessmen in the Death Note universe. Although successful in their own right, they struggled against competitors and sought a way to remove them. When Kira offered Kyosuke his notebook in exchange for his cooperation, the man was more than happy to agree.

He conducted Kira’s killings while he was imprisoned, adding a few murders of his own to cut down the competition. However, Kyosuke was ultimately just a pawn in Kira’s plan and got caught early in his criminal career.

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