Run to think clearly, swim to reduce anxiety: How different exercises improve your mental health

From sweating on a run, to shaking it out in a dance class and scoring a goal in soccer, they all do wonders for the mind. The physical effects of exercise are obvious by now, but the boosts to mental health can often be underestimated.   Studies show regular exercise can pull people from the depths … Read more

My Fitness Pal review: Can it help you lose weight?

We all deal with the onset of middle age in various ways. Some of us buy sports cars. Others embark on an Eat, Pray, Love-inspired journey of self-discovery. I decided to finally lose some damn weight. My goal was simple: Drop around 60 pounds by eating less and exercising more. In order to achieve this, … Read more

The delicious, healthy and nutritious family meals you can make with cans of food costing £1 or less

With the rising cost of living, it’s becoming increasingly expensive to eat healthily. As part of an occasional new series, Good Health asked dietitian Dr Sarah Schenker to create a series of wholesome, inexpensive meals using a selection of cheap store-cupboard staples, this week starting with cans. ‘You can slash the cost of any meal … Read more

Best strategy for weight loss: Cardio vs strength | Health

For decades, conventional wisdom said that cardio was the best exercise for weight loss. Then strength training muscled its way into the spotlight as the must do move for reviving your metabolism and increasing the resting metabolic rate. The key to achieving any fitness goal is to be consistent and if weight loss is your … Read more

What if you can’t hear after a cold? DR MARTIN SCURR answers your health questions

A bad cold three weeks ago has left me blocked up and extremely deaf, and the congestion does not seem to want to shift. Do you have any suggestions? Derek Jones, Coventry. Feeling blocked up in the days or weeks following a cold or any respiratory infection — including Covid — is a common experience. … Read more

Face mask can detect airborne Covid in just 10 minutes

A mask that can detect coronavirus in just 10 minutes has been developed by scientists. The highly sensitive face covering can detect the novel bug in the air and alert the wearer via an app on their phone. It can also pick up swine flu and bird flu. Those diseases spread through droplets in the … Read more

Suddenly gout is on the rise – so why do so few patients get the treatment they need?

As an active young man in his 20s, Harry Tyndall was both shocked and scared to wake up one morning with an intense shooting pain in his right foot. ‘It was the worst pain ever — I thought I’d broken it. I couldn’t even walk, yet I had done nothing to injure it,’ recalls Harry, … Read more

Diets are just as unhealthy now as they were 30 years ago

The average person’s diet has not improved much in the past 30 years despite major gains made in nutrition science – and Americans are among those eating the worst, a new study finds. Researchers at Tufts University, in Medford, Massachusetts, gathered data from 185 countries listed in the Global Dietary Database to gauge which nations … Read more