New mum? New baby? – here’s help to understand what supplements might be helpful for you both

Life with a newborn is unlike anything else. From the joy of bonding and falling in love with the new addition to your family, to sleepless nights and learning how to interpret your newborn’s cries, it’s a steep learning curve. And while we all know the importance of a healthy, balanced diet, with so much … Read more

Run to think clearly, swim to reduce anxiety: How different exercises improve your mental health

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Nutritionist reveals little known health hacks that will revolutionize your life 

A nutritionist has revealed a series of little-known things you should never do if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle – including never drinking coffee before breakfast and not keeping your WiFi router in your bedroom.  Claire Sorlie, a certified nutritional therapy practitioner based in the US, shared the 10 things that she would … Read more

Call of Duty video game maker Activision Blizzard sued by another female worker for sexual assault

Video game maker Activision Blizzard is being sued by another female employee complaining of sexual harassment in the workplace, this time by a plaintiff who alleges a then-manager threatened to commit revenge porn against her. ‘Activision Blizzard is a massive video game company with a massive sexual harassment problem,’ according to the Los Angeles Superior … Read more

The delicious, healthy and nutritious family meals you can make with cans of food costing £1 or less

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Russia is BANNED from Euro 2024 as UEFA kick them out of qualifying over Ukraine invasion

Russia are BANNED from Euro 2024 as UEFA kick them out of qualifying over Ukraine invasion… but Belarus are currently included in the draw which will take place on October 9 Russia won’t be at Euro 2024 with UEFA confirming continuation of their ban They have been suspended from international football since invasion of Ukraine … Read more

Bruno Fernandes admits Man United were haunted by ‘ghosts from the past’ in Brentford loss   

Bruno Fernandes admits Man United were haunted by ‘ghosts from the past’ during Brighton loss and Brentford thrashing but Erik ten Hag has restored discipline and confidence after the team drifted under Solskjaer and Rangnick Manchester United lost to Brighton and Brentford in their opening two games 4-0 loss to the Bees represented a fresh … Read more

What if you can’t hear after a cold? DR MARTIN SCURR answers your health questions

A bad cold three weeks ago has left me blocked up and extremely deaf, and the congestion does not seem to want to shift. Do you have any suggestions? Derek Jones, Coventry. Feeling blocked up in the days or weeks following a cold or any respiratory infection — including Covid — is a common experience. … Read more