Rebuild civilisation on the back of a giant dinosaur in The Wandering Village

In The Wandering Village you should think of the environment as a living, breathing entity. Mainly because, well, it is. In a world beset by toxic spores that have wiped out civilisation and much of nature, a group of nomads has grasped one last chance by climbing atop an Onbu, a gigantic, six-legged dinosaur-thing with a hard, flat back that sustains its own eco-system.

Up here there’s fertile soil and natural building materials, and by filtering moisture from the air you can even access fresh water. Yet all of this only functions if the Onbu keeps moving: so you’d better make sure it stays alive.

(Image credit: Stray Fawn)

For the opening hours of this early access city builder, however, such concerns take a back seat as you establish your settlement. Food and shelter are pressing concerns, of course, so you have your gang chop trees and smash rocks, then construct tents, a berry gatherer’s hut (berries are the only food that grows naturally on the plateau), a small farm, air wells, storage units, and so on. As the buildings rise, you connect them with strips of dirt road, enabling your eager beaver pioneers to scurry faster, and the basic needs of life start to perpetuate themselves.

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