Pokemon Go Kartana Raid guide, counters and best movesets

These Pokemon Go Kartana Raid counters will help you catch the latest Ultra Beast to invade Pokemon Go. This paper-like Pokemon with the code name UB-04 Blade has a high attack stat, with low defense, in the mainline Pokemon games, but it will be a great glass cannon for trainers looking to add this Ultra Beast to their collection.

Kartana will debut in five-star Raids in Pokemon Go from Tuesday, September 13 until Tuesday, September 27. However, this Ultra Beast will only appear for  Pokemon Go trainers in the Northern Hemisphere. Its counterpart, Celesteela, will only appear in the Southern Hemisphere – and we have Pokemon Go Celesteela Raid counters to help you there. Of course, trainers who know a trainer who is currently in the hemisphere they aren’t can join them via the Pokemon Go Remote Raid Pass system

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