NHS staff to walk in front of Queen’s coffin at state funeral

Towards the end of the service the Last Post will be played at 11.55am, followed by a two minute silence that will be observed in the Abbey and across the country. A lament played by the Queen’s piper will bring an end to the service.

The coffin will then be placed back on the gun carriage and taken to Wellington Arch in a procession led by members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, together with NHS workers, officers from the Police Service of Northern Ireland and members of the British Armed Forces.

From there it will be taken by hearse to Windsor, arriving at the Shaw Farm Gate at 3.06pm and driving slowly up the Long Walk where the public are expected to line the route.

Inside the chapel

Once inside the chapel, the Imperial State Crown, orb and sceptre will be removed from the coffin by the Crown Jeweller, one of the only people allowed to touch them, and placed on the High Altar.

At the end of the committal the Lord Chamberlain will break his wand of office over the coffin and it will be lowered into the royal vault, out of view, before later being moved, with Prince Philip’s coffin, to the tiny chapel where the late Queen and her husband will be interred.

The Earl Marshal said: “Let us be proud of how our country has come together in recognition of her remarkable legacy: solemnly, respectfully, and with such devotion.

“The events of recent days are a reminder of the strength of our Constitution, a system of government which in so many ways is the envy of the world. The Queen held a unique and timeless position in all our lives. This has been felt more keenly over the past few days as the world comes to terms with her demise.

“Her Majesty’s passing has left many people across many continents with a profound sense of loss. The respect, admiration and affection in which the Queen was held make our task both humbling and daunting, an honour and a great responsibility.

“It is our aim and belief that the state funeral and events of the next few days will unite people across the globe and resonate with people of all faiths, whilst fulfilling Her Majesty and her family’s wishes to pay a fitting tribute to an extraordinary reign.” 

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