Naruto Cosplay Unleashes Gaara’s Power In a Totally Unexpected Way

Naruto cosplays are usually some of the best out there, with this epic Gaara deign and photo edit really hammering home how badass (and sandy) he is!

In the popular anime and manga series called Naruto, Gaara is a powerful character that’s changed a lot from when fans initially met him, with one constant thread holding true throughout his story: the badass costume design that puts him up there as one of the coolest looking characters in the entire series. And now, in a new cosplay of him, Gaara’s sand-based powers are brought to life in a truly awesome and unexpected way!

Posted on Twitter by cosplayer Bryan Dracule (@BryanDracule), this account is chock-full of inventive and inspired anime costumes that accurately depict the look and feel of characters fans know and love. Cosplaying as heroes and villains from Naruto, My Hero Academia, Bleach, and even Final Fantasy, Bryan always delivers on designs that are as creatively impressive as they are impeccably made; a huge accomplishment in a community that’s been killing it recently with epic cosplays from across the nerd spectrum.


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A character that was once an enemy of Naruto’s until he saw the error in his ways and began to act more like him, Gaara is a skilled ninjutsu user in every sense of the word. Using his abilities to control sand and efficiently destroy any unlucky enough to go against him in a fight, Gaara can also enhance his sand-related powers by mixing in another nature transformation in Wind Release to effectively turn him into an even more unstoppable shinobi of untold strength and skill, with this cosplay pulling off these qualities perfectly.

As seen in all of his badass glory in Bryan’s first tweet, this image has been edited to show Gaara in his element as he stands ready for action in the middle of a thickening sandstorm no doubt of his own making. Shown with sand spewing every which way from the gourd Gaara always keeps strapped tight to his back, Bryan nails the necessary flourishes that make a Gaara cosplay great and completes the look with a perfect recreation of the kanji symbol for “love” etched on his forehead. Dressed in a slightly different color scheme than usual (gold works remarkably well for this cosplay), Bryan’s next image, shot by @DTJAAAAM, also shows him poised and ready for a fight, but without the added enhancement of some photoshop goodness. When taking a closer look, fans can see that the shoots of sand coming from Gaara’s gourd are actually a part of the cosplay design itself, with Bryan using Gaara’s Earth Release abilities as an excuse to design a face mask like it were a hard shell of sand as well!

Cosplayers love to take on any number of Naruto characters and put their unique spin on them, and Bryan Dracule (@BryanDracule) is no exception, especially with the added special effects a good photo edit can provide. Naruto’s Gaara may have come a long way since his inception, but at least his unbelievable power, sense of fashion, and cosplay allure has never changed!

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