Long queues overnight for Queen Elizabeth’s lying in state as King takes day off

Labour MP Chris Bryant said the accession of the King feels like “an enormous changing of the seasons”.

He said the reception of the Queen’s coffin in Westminster Hall on Wednesday was “really moving”.

On the King’s appearance in Parliament on Monday, he said: “It’s very strange, isn’t it? I instinctively always call him, still, Prince Charles. Your mind has to make an accommodation to it.

“It feels, I think, like an enormous changing of the seasons.”

Reflecting on the Queen’s reign, he said: “One thing I referred to in my tribute to Her Majesty was one of the things that has changed dramatically in her lifetime – under her reign, is the way gay couples are seen and the fact that I was able to enter a civil partnership.

“So being able to see that enormous change, I think… some people have referred to her as the rock on which modern Britain was founded. I understand what they mean. It’s not how I saw it. I saw her more as a sturdy oak that knew how to bend in the wind. And I think that’s a really important principle for monarchy – being able to bend in the wind to accommodate the world as it changes.”

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