How to get Disney Dreamlight Valley clay

You’ll need to know how to get Disney Dreamlight Valley Clay in order to finish Goofy’s Mysterious Wreck questline and help a missing friend get back home. That’s not the only use for clay though, as it appears in a number of the Disney game’s furniture crafting recipes. If you’re partial to uniquely kitting out your space in other games like Animal Crossing, you’ll no doubt want to build some decorative items from clay.

While most resources are easy to obtain, and clay is technically no different, it’s not immediately obvious how or where to find the material. As we show you in our Dreamlight Valley guide, your collection menu is a useful tool for identifying the biomes in which items can be found, it’s knowing what to do when you get there that’s the problem.

How to get Disney Dreamlight Valley clay

Where to find clay in Dreamlight Valley

Clay can be found in three biomes:

  • Glade of Trust
  • Sunlit Plateau
  • Forgotten Lands

When you head to any one of these biomes for clay, you’ll need to have your magic shovel to hand. Start digging, in muddy or wet areas, particularly around the edge of the biome or alongside water. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t find clay right away, as there is a chance of finding a few different materials including clay, soil or pebbles.
Uses for Dreamlight Valley clay

Predominantly, you’re going to be looking for clay to complete collection quests. For example, in the Mysterious Wreck quest, Goofy will ask you to collect clay, hardwood, iron, and rope in order to rebuild a wrecked raft.

Another use for clay is the ability to craft some decorative items. Clay can be used to forge flower pots and other landscaping items to help make the valley feel like home. You’ll need six clay for every flower pot you craft, but luckily it regenerates throughout the day.

Hopefully this helps you dig up enough clay to craft some unique decorative items and complete important quests. You might also want to know how to get Dream Shards, another difficult resource to gather, which can help you unlock new Dreamlight Valley characters.

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