Fujifilm’s new X-H2 finally offers high resolution for its APS-C line

After years of APS-C mirrorless cameras with resolutions in the 20-something megapixel range, Fujifilm is finally pushing things forward with the latest camera in its X-series line. At its X Summit event in New York City today, Fujifilm is announcing a new high-res X-H2 camera with a 40.2-megapixel X-Trans sensor with 8K video. This pro-oriented … Read more

Railbound Is A Beautiful Puzzle Game About Dogs And Trains

Do you like trains? And beautiful animation? And dogs? And puzzles? And video games? Of course you do, which is why you’re going to like Railbound as much as I did. Released this week on PC, Mac, iOS and Android, Railbound is a puzzle game that gives you a cute little train separated from its … Read more

Eidos Montreal is “now the owner” of Deus Ex and Thief games, but don’t get too excited

Eidos Montreal, the studio behind recent Thief and Deus Ex games, say they are “now the owner of the games [we] developed, like the Deus Ex and Thief games.” Likewise, Crystal Dynamics say they have taken “control” of its Tomb Raider and Legacy Of Kain games from their previous owner, Square Enix.

Which sounds like a big deal, but really both studios are just reporting a change to their terms of service and privacy notices since they were bought by Embracer Group last month.

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These Stunning Hollow Knight Mini Figurines Need A Home On Your Shelf

Image: Fangamer / Team Cherry While we wait on the next Hollow Knight: Silksong update, Fangamer has announced its Hollow Knight mini figurine line is now available for purchase. These PVC figurines can be purchased for $10 USD each or in a set for $80 USD. These figures range between 2.4 to 3.4 inches tall … Read more

WhatsApp scam warning as victims lose £1,610 on average

Warning over wave of WhatsApp scams: Victims lose an average of £1,610 – here’s how to spot the fraudsters Fraudsters use emotional connections in order to steal money Lloyds Bank says the number of these scams has doubled so far this year The bank has provided advice for customers on how to spot a WhatsApp … Read more

Cannon Dancer, The Strider ‘Spiritual Successor’, Officially Confirmed For Switch

Subscribe to Nintendo Life on YouTube Just a few weeks ago we caught wind that Cannon Dancer — often referred to as the unofficial sequel to the Capcom classic Strider — would be coming to the Switch. With no official announcement nor Western confirmation, we kept our excitement tightly under wraps. But the wrapper is … Read more

Insta360’s X3 gets bigger sensors and a bigger screen for easier 360 capture

It’s unclear what Insta360 has been feeding its team lately, but so far, the company has somehow managed to release one new product almost every month since March. It’s an interesting mix, too: its modular action cam refresh, a 360-camera drone attachment, a 6K 360 camera with 1-inch sensors and, most recently, a gimbal webcam. … Read more