The Tribute to Anime List

The Tribute to Anime List, part 3 In the third edition of our tribute to anime, we focused more on retro titles, in an effort to fill the catalogue of our reviews with titles from the 80s also. This does not mean, however, that we did not include newer series, with the relaunching of Legend … Read more

Naruto Has Laid Down Sasuke’s Worst Death Flag Yet

If there is one thing Naruto fans like to avoid, it would be death. There are few things worse than having your favorite character in a manga die, and Naruto has proven as much time and again. From Jiraiya to Asuma and beyond, a slew of heroes have died for others in Naruto, and the most recent update … Read more

Dragon Blood Differ From the Game

Dota: Dragon’s Blood has tried to stick the landing by staying true to some of its source material. While the incredible amount of lore present in Dota 2 couldn’t make it to the Netflix adaptation, the show has tried to take some inspiration from the game. Dota 2 fans were thrilled to see some of … Read more

Naruto Introduces Yet Another Eye Jutsu in Boruto

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations continues to expand the jutsu mythology of the Naruto Saga, with reveal of yet another new type of Eye Jutsu! The current Boruto story arc has introduced new threats in the forms of Code and Ada, two cyborgs taht were so powerful even the Kara Organization thought it best to keep … Read more